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Ondokuz Mayıs University - Şevket Aşcı Tourism Faculty

Forming the Astaş Holding’s Board of Directors, the Aşcı family founded Şevket Aşcı Tourism Faculty in 2012 in memory of their beloved deceased father, Şevket Aşcı.

Located in the Aşcı family’s hometown Bafra, Samsun, following its completion, the faculty was donated by the family to Ondokuz Mayıs University, one of Turkey’s existing leading Anatolian universities.

Opened on September 27, 2014, the faculty features 10,000 sqm of enclosed area on a 1,100 hectare land with infrastructure that has the capacity to provide academic training to up to 5,000 students.

The 3-storey faculty building located right next to the Kızılırmak/Red River, features 20 class rooms each with a 60-student capacity; 4 auditoriums each with a 120-student capacity; a conference hall with a 250-pax capacity; 3 industrial kitchens with a total size of 500 sqm; a 200 sqm exhibition hall; 2 computer laboratories; 1 recreation hall; as well as 32 university academician offices and one rector’s office.

Şevket Aşcı Tourism Faculty is the first tourism faculty in Samsun as well as the very first university faculty in Bafra.

The total investment of more than TRY 10 million by Astaş Holding also constitutes the first step to Bafra Kızılırmak University, a new university project in the area.

It is Astaş Holding’s vision for Şevket Aşcı Tourism Faculty to raise tourism managers and ambassadors of the future who shall have an active role in the Turkish tourism industry and successfully represent Turkey in the global arena.

Çetinkaya Mahallesi Köprübaşı Mevkii, 55400, Bafra / Samsun - Turkey -