Juki has been achieving continuous growth by providing the best quality products and services to world industries since 1938. It offers technological solutions to the global sewing industry in all fields, including shoes, bags, leather furniture, automotive, and technical textiles in all of its high technology industrial sewing machines and garment product groups. As a global company serving its customers in 180 countries, Juki will continue to evolve whilst remaining loyal to its development and reform DNA.

For detailed information: www.juki.co.jp


Astaş, in addition to Juki, continues to grow the success of other global brands in Turkey and the Turkic Republics, such as: Bullmer, Assyst, Avalution, Astron, StyleShoots, Ghost, Mersmann, Foliopack, Mohr Models, Dalim, Aoke, Iecho, Vuzix, Veit, Jeux, Global, Union Special, Conti Comnlett, CFA Italy Sveg to, Virax, Groz-Beckert, and Happy Japan.

For detailed information: www.astasjuki.com